Thursday, June 14, 2012

Buffalo Creek Farms New litter Petunia and Ben DOB 6/2/12

Brown tabby bi-color. He is a tuxedo tabby with mittens

Red tabby persain

Red tabby Persian

Himalayan Persian probably flame could be cream

Himalayan Persian probably flame could be cream

Cameo Persian
Babies sleeping
Meet the new babies. Petunia is a brown patched Tabby and Ben is a Smoke cream bi color. The babies were born 6/2/12. Yes, we have a red girl. The reds are true tabbies.Mostredlook tabby but not all are.  Himalayans are born white and develop color later so it is hard to tell what color these will be. They are very white so the could be flame or cream but since both parents carry lilac  They could be lilac as well. Cameo is basically a silver in red. The cameo will be mostly white with red tips when grown,.

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