Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ali's Babies Day 26 OOPs Looks Like We are All Girls

Wishing I would hurry up and take the picture

Where is my Mommy!

Really did you have use the flash. I am out of here

I do not understand why you interrupted my nap! 
They look more like kittens everyday. They are now true toddlers. They are not out of the box yet Soon they will get tired of wressling with each other and look for fun outside the box. That is when the real fun begins. I have seen Mothers so upset when they first get out of the box that they cry. I feel bad for the mother I know what it feels like.
 You can see their eyes are blue right now. That is a lack of pigmentation. All kittens are born with blue eyes and the get color as they get older.There are only two types of persian that have blue eyes as adults. The Himalayan pattern has blue eyes. That is because the himalayn gene is  a partial albino gene that blocks color development. Himalayan kittens  actually have another eye color genetically that never develops The other color of cat that can have blue eyes  is white. White is not a color it is a gene that blocks color development. If the color stops developing early enough to stop the eyes color from developing it usually stops the hearing as well.

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