Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zelda and Ben New Babies 9/24/12

                                       Buffalo Creek Farms Smoke Red Persian Girl
                                           Buffalo Creek FarmsBlue/Cream Torti Persian Girl
                                             They don't line up any more
                                       Buffalo Creek Farms Smoke Red Persian Boy
Buffalo Creek Farms Torti Himalayan Girl
Buffalo Creek Farms Red Persian Boy

Buffalo Creek Farms Persian Babies

Buffalo Creek Farms Smoke Cream Bi color Babies Dad  Ben

Buffalo Creek Farms Zelda Torti Babies Mom
We are pleased to present the firsat pictures of Zelda and Bens litter. We have a blue/cream torti girl, red boy, 2 smoke reds and a himi.


  1. Thanks for posting pictures of mom and dad. It gives me a general idea of what the litters size and coat will be when they are older.

    1. Your welcome. Sometimes I just don't have a good picture. adults are harder to photograph then kittens. I try hard but I am not a great photographer.

  2. How do you get a himalayan from two persians? Isn't that a different breed?

    1. Himalayan s are a type of Persian The same way a calico can be a calico and still be a Persian.Himalayan describes a color pointed Persian that has blue eyes. The himalayan gene is recessive so both parents have carry the gene. Zelda's sire was a flame point, so she has to have it. Ben's parents were both Persians. One was a smoke calico the other a solid chocolate. They bopth carry the himalayan gene.