Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 10: Here is their Daddy's picture

Day 10: I think you are beginning to see why kittens cry when they first go home with out their buddy's. Persian kittens typically do not sleep by themselves ever. Their is nothing better then a kitten pile to sleep in. At this age their fur is short and sleeping together helps them maintain their body temperature. Later it is just for comfort.
The last picture is their sire Ricky. He is a chinchilla silver. The kittens are all silvers thanks to their Daddy. All silver are tabbies. Dad is homozygous  for tabby, and tabby is a dominant gene. Homozygous means that both gene's at that location are the same.That means he can have nothing but tabby babies. Mom is a smoke bicolor. Smokes are not tabbies but solid with a modifier for the white under coat. Mom is  a bicolor as well as a smoke. Bicolor is a dominant gene. She only carries one gene for bicolor, so half the babies statistically should be bicolor. The modifier for the white under coat is present in both silvers and smokes.

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